Sun refuses to hand over Java

Responding to an open letter from Intel, Microsoft, and other industry heavyweights, Sun Microsystems has refused to relinquish its control over the Java programming language. Calling the letter a "public relations game," Sun also declined to respond to specific issues raised by the letter.

"Microsoft is recognizing the handwriting on the wall and that Sun's response to the ISO will be well received," said Sun's George Paolini. "The letter is timed to coincide with the ISO meeting in Ottawa this week, and Microsoft has decided to play this out in the press."

In the letter, Intel, Microsoft, Digital, and Compaq asked Sun to let the ISO take control of Java. Sun, however, wishes to retain the Java trademark and control over future revisions of the "Java standard." Many companies oppose this stance, because it gives Sun too much power over Java. For Java to be truly open, Sun would have to give up control completely

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