Sun attacks Microsoft with Java Server Pages

Sun Microsystems on Monday announced the release of its Java Server Pages (JSP) technology, a cross-platform Web development environment that the company says will supplant CGI. But the real target of JSP is obviously Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft similar technology that runs only on Windows. Sun says it is simply responding to the needs of its customers, who were asking for a Java-based way to build dynamic Web sites.

"Everybody--IBM, Oracle, Netscape, Symantec, and Apache--wanted virtually the same thing," says Bill Roth, product line manager for the Java 2 platform at Sun. "Something that is cross-platform, easy to use, that emphasizes components and efficiency, and that acts as the front door to the Java platform for the enterprise. We came up with the Java Server Pages specification to answer those needs."

For more information, please visit the Java Server Pages Web site

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