Study: Microsoft is arrogant

This is one of those "tell us something we don't know" deals, but a study sponsored by Information Week shows that a majority of IT executives consider Microsoft Corporation "arrogant" even as they deliver "mostly great products." The duality of these observations are obvious, but it's interesting to note that the world's largest software company hasn't really changed its ways despite the antitrust suit brought against it by the United States and 19 states.

The study, which was based on interviews with 300 IT managers in the United States, suggest that most derive their living from Microsoft software but yet want to see the company "receive its comeuppance." The mixed feelings are most evident by fact that 35% believe that Microsoft understands its customer's needs while 33% believe that it does not. And 38% say they are "forced" to purchase Microsoft products.

Still, you can't deny the pervasiveness of Microsoft software in the enterprise: fully 80% say they are running Windows NT Server 4.0, Microsoft Office, Windows 9x, and Internet Explorer

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