Steve Jobs touts Apple's speed over Intel

Apple Computer interim CEO Steve Jobs kicked off Seybold New York with a keynote address that showed off new and future Apple Macintoshes that, according to Jobs, are over twice as fast as high-end Pentium II PCs. Jobs demonstrated a new 300 MHz G3-based Mac that is now shipping and a 400 MHz version that is due in 1999. Jobs said the 400 MHz version was equivalent to an "800 MHz Pentium II."

"And I don't know when if ever they'll be able to make an 800MHz Pentium," he said.

Jobs also tried to stress Apple's new attitude about pricing, which in the past, was in the stratosphere: Apple has always been known for its premium pricing.

"We are aggressively moving our prices down," said Jobs. "These new G3 systems are high performance but priced in the midrange."

Also announced was the availability of its ColorSync color management system for Windows. This will allow graphic artists to ensure that Web sites and color printing are identical on the Mac OS and Windows. Though veiled in secrecy, Jobs did reveal that the company was working on a "consumer product" that would be unveiled in the Fall

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