Steve Jobs is the man

Every once in a while I am reminded why Steve Jobs is the oft-quoted and always revered character that he is. This week at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Jobs hosted a "fireside chat" where he responded to questions from the audience. A couple of excellent Jobs zingers, then, to usher in the weekend...

On Apple's management:
"Apple suffered for years from lousy engineering management. They were going in about 17 different directions...I think Apple's had its head in the sand for the last many years. There's been so much happening in, say, network computing for example, that Apple's missed out on."

On Microsoft vs. Apple:
"It's incredibly stupid for Apple to get in a position where for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose. Microsoft is a fact of life. They're like the air we breathe...Perhaps a better analogy is bottled water, because you have to buy it."

On the Apple turnaround:
"I don't think Apple's turned it around: I think it's turning it around. I think it is much better than things were not so very long ago."

On OpenDoc:
"\[I apologize for being\] one of the people who put a bullet in your technology...\[but Apple needs to focus\] and focusing is about saying no. The rest of the world wasn't going to use OpenDoc anyway, so why should Apple do it?"

On software support for Rhapsody:
"Microsoft hasn't committed to port its productivity suite to Rhapsody-- what are you waiting for? Adobe has not to my knowledge committed to porting Photoshop. Well?"

On Apple's place in the computer industry:
"I don't want Apple to be perceived as different; I think it's important that Apple is perceived as better.

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