Is this the Start Menu You Were Looking For?

Is this the Start Menu You Were Looking For?

A new screenshot leak of the reemergence of a Windows Start Menu shows not much more than what we've seen already. If the screenshot is real (leaked to My Digital Life Forums over the weekend), and there's a chance it might not be, it's only interesting because 1) Microsoft seems to be dedicated to bringing it back, and 2) the Start Menu continues to be important to people.

For me, I was glad to see the Start Menu go. I never used it because I found the old Programs Menu to be a mishmash of unorganized intent. And, when it gets right down to it, the majority thought the same. But, for many, whether they actually used it or not (Microsoft data showed they didn't, btw), it was more about Microsoft taking something away. This sort of aligns with the human condition more so than actual need. People are more apt to store something hidden away they'd never, ever need, "just in case," than to eliminate it from their lives completely.

Some say that a new Start Menu might show up in a future update to Windows 8, but that's becoming more unlikely. New rumors suggest that the historic, but revamped, component will not be unveiled until Windows 9 ships. We really don't know for sure and Microsoft isn't ready to talk.

Based on the screenshot, is this what you are looking for? Is this something you'll actually use?

I remain in the "leave it out" camp. Working with Windows 8 since its original release, I'm fine with it and can't understand those that aren't.

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