Start Menu Coming to the Bluescreen of Death in Windows?

Start Menu Coming to the Bluescreen of Death in Windows?

Not quite.

According to a Twitter post by Microsoft's Technical Fellow, Mark Russinovich, Microsoft will be adding an actual Start Menu to the Bluescreen of Death in a future Windows update. Mark suggests the new feature is due to customer requests, but clearly this is a bit of a joke, and could be just a way to make customers salivate over the Start Menu itself. For reals…what could a Start Menu actually accomplish when the computer locked up?

The Start Menu presented in Mark's screenshot is a full-featured menu component much like that provided in Windows 7 and earlier, i.e., not currently available in Windows 8.x and more evolved than the screenshots we've seen posted around the web for a future Windows 8.x update.

Funny to me is that, to improve Windows 8.x for customers, Microsoft has to de-evolve Windows to fix Sinofsky's dream.

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