SQL Server 7.0 Beta 3 released to testers

Microsoft has released SQL Server 7.0 Beta 3 to 50,000 beta test sites, while a more widescale release will be available beginning July 2nd for anyone who would like to check it out. SQL Server 7.0 now includes an integrated version of "Plato," which has been renamed Data Support Services.

"We're very pleased to mark this major milestone for the world's next-generation database with the on-schedule release of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 beta 3," said Rich Tong, VP of Microsoft's applications and tools group. "This beta delivers the complete SQL Server 7.0 feature set, accompanied by strong performance and stability that will give the tens of thousands of beta customers a superb 'out of the box' experience."

SQL Server 7.0 is a major release and Beta 3 features far more new features that I could even begin to list here. Check out the SQL Server 7.0 Beta Web site for details and check back on July 2nd to download Beta 3

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