SQL Server 7 may be delayed until 1998

Although Microsoft has committed to a May or June beta of SQL Server 7, code-named "Sphinx," the company admitted that no date has been set for the release and that it could be released in 1998. Key features of the new version include:

  • A version for Windows 95 users that will feature replication with backend server databases.
  • The ability to store HTML forms directly.
  • Stored procedures can be written in Visual Basic or Java.
  • Web-based management.
  • A multi-server management function will enable the scheduling of jobs on multiple servers from a single console.
  • The query processor will be separated from the database.
  • New data types will be supported, such as video and audio.
  • The processor is being rebuilt to allow more efficient queries and multiple indexing.
Microsoft's Tom Kreyche, a product manager for Microsoft SQL Server, also mentioned that the company is separately developing a relational online analytical-processing product, code-named "Plato.
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