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Speeding Up Connection Times on Multihomed Servers

When I use Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to connect to a remote IIS server on the company intranet, the connection often doesn't appear for 30 seconds or more. I can ping the remote server, and it's working when I make the connection attempt. What can I do to speed up the connection time?

This delay usually occurs with a multihomed server (i.e., a server that has more than one NIC). When you use MMC to connect to a remote server, MMC tries to connect to the IP addresses specified in your network configuration TCP/IP settings in the sequence in which those addresses appear. To speed up your initial access, be sure that the NIC you need to use to access the remote server appears first in your network configuration. To access this list in Windows NT 4.0, open the Control Panel Network applet, click the Bindings tab, select all protocols from the Show Bindings for drop-down list, then expand the TCP/IP protocol. In Windows 2000, you can access this list from My Network Places, Advanced, Advanced Settings.

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