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SharePoint speedster comes to London to spread acceleration message

Windows IT Pro award-winning SharePoint acceleration specialist Aptimize is bringing its message to Europe next week with a couple of half-day seminars in London.

Aptimize is based in Wellington, New Zealand, and the New Zealand High Commission on Haymarket will be hosting the events next Friday on December 3. This month, the Antipodean company won the 2010 Windows IT Pro Editors' Best bronze award for its flagship product Website Accelerator for SharePoint (aka WAX) and also picked up the prize for best ASP.NET/Silverlight product at our Connections conference in Las Vegas.

Aptimize's Website Accelerator for SharePoint was born out of the frustration experienced by users in far-flung locations. Users have to wait longer while each element of a web page is individually retrieved from halfway round the world, assembled on their PC and then finally displayed. The company created the product to dramatically reduce the number of times a web browser needs to connect to a SharePoint server before it can draw the page on a screen.

Reducing these round trips, as well as applying other techniques such as compression, increased caching and HTML-loading optimisation, means that out-of-the-box SharePoint applications can be accelerated by 40-50%. The company says that Website Accelerator for SharePoint can be installed on web front-end servers in less than an hour.

Next week's conference is entitled "Accelerating SharePoint for End Users" and is co-hosted by Fleet, Hampshire-based distributors in Europe, Application Performance. Attendees have a choice of attending a morning or afternoon seminar as the agenda will be repeated after lunch.

The half-day agena features Ed Robinson, CEO of Aptimize, on the need for speed within SharePoint and his experiences in accelerating SharePoint for companies around the world including Microsoft. Ben Robb, SharePoint MVP and cScape CTO, will explain how to build a highly scaleable, high performance website using SharePoint 2010 and Mick McGuinness, co-founder of Application Performance, will demonstrate how to reduce page load times by 40% or more in less than an hour with WAX.

For further details and free registration, see the Application Performance website.


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