Share a Cluster Shared Volume across multiple clusters

Share a Cluster Shared Volume across multiple clusters

Q. How do I share a Cluster Shared Volume across multiple clusters?

A. A Cluster Shared Volume is usable directly only within a specific cluster. This is because, for a CSV, one node is the coordinator for the volume and performs all metadata changes for the volume on behalf of all the other nodes. Those metadata requests are communicated via the cluster network. In redirection mode even direct IO can be sent to the coordinator via the cluster network. If you need to use a CSV beyond a single cluster, one option is to host the volume using a file services cluster and then share the volume using SMB to other servers and clusters. With SMB 3.0 workloads such as SQL and Hyper-V are supported over SMB. An example of this configuration is shown below.

Using this approach the CSV is accessible throughout the enterprise.

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