Set the Certificate for Work Folders

Q: How do I change the certificate used by Windows Server 2012 R2's Work Folders?

A: By default, Work Folders uses a self-signed certificate. To change the certificate, perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager console via Server Manager or PowerShell.
  2. Launch the IIS Manager and navigate to Sites.
  3. The default website will show as stopped, but ignore this—it's because Work Folders uses the IIS Hostable Web Core rather than traditional IIS. Select this website.
  4. Select the Bindings action.
  5. Click Add, specify HTTPS, select the certificate you added, and click OK.

Note that this process assumes you've already requested and installed a certificate you want to use that includes an alternate subject name of workfolders.<domain>.

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