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Server Safari

Let's go serving now - everybody's serving now - come on a safari with me.... well, OK, sorry about that, but I'm a little excited about our new Web server right now. As you may know, I traveled out to San Fransisco this week to install a new Web server for my employer, Big Tent media labs. Currently, our Web server, a Dell Pentium Pro 200 running Windows NT Server 4.0 and IIS 3.0 beta, is installed at a co-location facility at Best Internet. It is connected via Ethernet to router that is right on a 3-T3 connection to the Backbone, so the throughput is simply amazing. We added several domain names to the server, including these two: . Big Tent media labs . Internet Nexus As other Web sites of interest come online that , I will post a reminder in WinInfo. Please check out the new home for Internet Nexus and WinInfo when you have a chance. Installation of the server and OS went pretty smoothly, BTW, and we had to laugh at the poor fools trying to get a Sun Nextra working properly in the next cage. Favorite quote, from a Best Internet employee using our server: "Damn, this thing is too fast!" I will post an article about our experiences sometime this week on the Nexus. If you would like more information about Best Internet's co-location facilities, try the following Web site: login: its-like password: being-ther

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