ScriptLogic updates Help Desk, Remote Support

The new version of Help Desk Authority is available now, and a public beta for the new version of Remote Support Center is open.

The beta for ScriptLogic Remote Support Center is now open to the public. Remote Support Center is a web-based remote support and assistance tool.

Remote support center lets administrators make remote changes to machines using the Internet, even if neither the user nor administrator are on a local network. The release version is set to be available in early summer.

One interesting new feature in Help Desk Authority 8.1 is a full iPhone GUI. Support techs working in the field can close tickets on scene instead of having to remember when they return to the office. The GUI is a full client—it can create, close, and update support tickets.

Help Desk Authority integrates with ScriptLogic's Desktop Authority. By pulling in this information, Help Desk Authority can help save help time for help desk staff.

For more on these products, see the Help Desk Authority and Remote Support Center sites, or visit the main ScriptLogic site.

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