Scale-out File Server QoS with 2016

Scale-out File Server QoS with 2016

Q. What are the benefits of the new Scale-out File Server Quality of Service?

A. Windows Server 2012 R2 introduced QoS on a per-VHD basis for VMs allowing for a hard limit maximum number of IOPS and a minimum number of IOPS that would result in alerting if could not be met. Windows Server 2016 enables centralized policies to be defined. These policies can then be applied to:

  • A VHD
  • All VHDs for a VM
  • A group of VMs (and their VHDs)
  • A service
  • A tenant (and all the VMs owned by the tenant)

When a policy is shared between resources the performance defined in the policy is distributed fairly between the resources, specifically the minimum and maximum IOPS.

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