Save a Windows 8 Picture Password in Active Directory?

Q: Can I save my picture password in Active Directory (AD)?

A: The new picture password in Windows 8 allows three gestures to be used on a user-chosen picture to allow logon to an account that can be a domain account, local account, or Microsoft ID. Picture password is local to a specific machine and is used to encrypt a local password vault that contains the actual local, domain, or Microsoft ID password.

When the picture password is used and entered correctly, the vault is unlocked and the actual password is then used to complete logon.

The picture password can't be stored in AD, and so it's necessary to define a picture password on each machine you use.

To learn more about the picture password feature, see Orin Thomas's blog post "Picture Passwords: Alternative or Gimmick?" and my FAQ "Windows 8 Picture Password Complexity Requirements."

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