The road to gold: A look at the development of Windows 2000

For over two years now, I've charted the development of Windows 2000 in WinInfo, from its roots as a decent upgrade to Windows NT 4.0 to its current status as the ├╝ber operating system. Given the massive development time of Windows 2000, it's probably useful to take a look at all of the changes that have occurred over this time and understand how this OS came to be what it is, so I've compiled a massive (even for me) compilation of Windows 2000 news and events in my article, "The Road to Gold: A look at the development of Windows 2000," available now on the SuperSite for Windows.

Granted, it's not for the faint-hearted: This massive accounting of the development of Windows 2000 was a 20+ page Word document before I converted it to the Web. If you'd really like to see how far this product has come--and how many release dates it actually missed--this is the article for you! Check it out today!


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