RipTech Collaborates with OneSecure and Enterasys on Security Offerings

OneSecure and RipTech today announced a collaborative effort to help streamline their respective information security offerings. OneSecure, a company based in Denver, Colorado, will transition its managed security-service customer base over to RipTech, a company based in Alexandria, Virginia. The transition lets OneSecure focus on its core effort of delivering security products and technologies. "Our collaboration will enable OneSecure to focus on its core competency—developing and delivering security products and technology,” said Don Detampel, CEO of OneSecure.

In exchange, RipTech will evaluate OneSecure's technology for use in RipTech's development of future managed security-service offerings. RipTech offers management, monitoring, analysis, and response against suspicious activities detected across firewalls, VPNs, and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs).

"OneSecure’s selection of RipTech to provide service to their managed security customers is a strong validation of RipTech’s technology and market leadership," said Amit Yoran, president and CEO of RipTech. "We look forward to providing the highest level of service to OneSecure’s managed security customers."

In addition, RipTech also announced that Enterasys will offer RipTech's realtime security monitoring and management services to its global customer base. "RipTech's realtime monitoring and management services are an ideal complement to Enterasys' intelligent security product offerings," said Ron Gula, vice president of IDS Products at Enterasys. "This partnership further supports our SecureHarbor architecture by offering Enterasys customers nearly seamless integration with RipTech's advanced monitoring and management technology." Enterasys will also offer the advanced expertise of RipTech's security professional services.

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