Reviewers and beta testers needed!

Well, we've finally transferred all of the reviewer data and materials over to Sarah so if you're not reviewing books for the Nexus and you're interested, please let us know!

Also, we're almost ready to start beta-testing some interesting new features for the Nexus Web site:

  • Threaded discussion groups - We are using O'Reilly WebBoard to host our Nexus discussion forum. What we're thinking of doing is grabbing all or most of the content from WinInfo and posting it as new threads in the discussion forum. You'll be able to start your own threads as well, too.
  • Live Chat - Also based on WebBoard, the Live Chat area will let you find out who is in the discussion area (if they allow this) and invite them in for a live chat session.
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 "WinInfo" Channel - We've developed a prototype WinInfo Channel for IE 4 users and we'll be expanding it over the next week. If you're an IE 4 user, this will be a cool way to get WinInfo everyday.
If you're interested in testing any of these new features, please contact Paul. Book reviewers should contact Sarah Smith. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend,


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