Requiring a Password When Resuming from Hibernation or Stand by Mode

Q: I recently noticed that a user's laptop failed to ask for the user's password after resuming from hibernation mode. I didn’t realize users could disable that requirement, which of course subjects us to a huge security risk if the laptop were stolen while in hibernation mode. How can I configure systems to require users to enter their password when resuming from hibernation or Stand by mode?

A: You're right to be concerned. However, Group Policy makes it easy to configure all systems to require authentication when resuming from hibernation or Stand by mode. In the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Group Policy Editor (GPE) snap-in, drill down to User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Power Management. Double-click Prompt for password on resume from hibernate / suspend, select Enabled, and click OK. All systems for which this Group Policy Object (GPO) is applicable will apply the policy the next time they refresh Group Policy.

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