A Reporter Becomes the Story at DEFCON

An NBC reporter who declined an official press pass to the recent DEFCON conference in Las Vegas instead opted to attend under cover. She was then quickly unmasked and soon fled the convention posthaste.

Conference organizer Jeff Moss took the podium in what was thought to be a traditional session of "spot the fed," where hackers try to identify who is a federal agent. However, Moss put a spin on the event, informing the crowd that a reporter was among them with a hidden pinhole camera in her bag, supposedly trying to gather footage for an NBC show about hiring hackers. The crowd responded with a loud round of boos.

"I'm not cool with that, especially when they turn down the opportunity to get a press pass," Moss said to the crowd from the speaker's podium.

Moss then asked the crowd if it would like to have a contest called "spot the undercover reporter" and whether the reporter should be escorted out of the conference.

When the crowd expressed its approval, the reporter was identified in the crowd and escorted out. The entire incident was captured in a video, which is now available at YouTube.

TAGS: Security
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