Report: Windows Server 2016 to Face Slow Adoption

Report: Windows Server 2016 to Face Slow Adoption

According to a report put together and compiled by SpiceWorks in a blog post, the Nano-ized capable version of Windows Server, 2016, may not have as memorable start as its desktop counterpart, Windows 10.

Based on the numbers, companies don’t plan on adoption Windows Server 2016 anytime soon. The report shows that 27% might adopt in 1-2 years after release and 23% have no plans to adopt it at all. This might be concerning, except that Microsoft is investing as heavily, if not more, in its Azure plans. Running a server on-premises could go the way of the dodo and the mainframe sooner than later, however, these numbers don’t necessarily portray a Cloud-centric future, only that most businesses are satisfied with their current version of the Windows Server operating system.

Also of interest in the report is numbers on those coming features that could entice companies to adopt anyway. The unfortunate thing for Microsoft those features are not what the company has been promoting as exciting advances. Instead of accepting Microsoft’s pep rallies for containers, Docker support, Nano Server, and tighter integration with Azure, companies are more interested in Hyper-V, PowerShell, and better security.


The full report is compiled and explained here: Survey: When will IT departments adopt Windows Server 2016?

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