Rename Nodes in a Cluster

Q: I have a cluster and want to change the name of hosts in the cluster; is this OK?

A: To change the name of a host in a cluster, you should evict the node from the cluster, rename the node, then add back to the cluster. This means the process is as follows:

  1. Move all the resources running on the node to be renamed to other nodes in the cluster. This can be done through Failover Cluster Manager by selecting the Pause option and selecting Drain Roles.
  2. Within Failover Cluster Manager, right-click the node to be evicted in the Nodes area and select More Actions, Stop Cluster Service.
  3. Right-click the node again and select More Actions, Evict.
  4. On the evicted node, use the Control Panel System applet to rename the server.
  5. After the server is renamed, add it back to the cluster using the Nodes, Add Node action.
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