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Remotely Connect to USB Devices

Have you ever had a need to share files or a device with another computer that's in another city, state, or country? In the case of files, you probably used an FTP, either one of the free solutions (such as FileFlyer) or over your own domain.

But what if you could remotely access another computer's USB devices? With such a technology, you could:


· Print to someone else's USB printer.

· Use a USB hard drive to share files with other computers.

· Share one scanner or fax machine across a small office.

OK, so perhaps it's a selective bunch that has such a need and doesn't already have a shared network with a networked printer/scanner, but if you're one of them, you might want to check out USB to Ethernet Connector from Eltima Software. The product is quite simple: you connect to another computer (via VPN, a router, etc.), and then you can "share" any device connected by USB. While sharing, that device becomes inaccessible to you, but the other computer can access it. (You can build this connection across any number of computers, but only one computer can access the device at a time. Sharing is caring.)

There are some limitations and concerns. The program only works with USB devices, so you could only use an external hard drive or a USB printer or scanner, for instance. As a long-term solution for a small/virtual business, it could be frustrating since you have to share the devices one by one. 

USB to Ethernet Connector starts at $89.95 per computer to share one device. Sharing more than one device is an additional cost. To learn more, visit the Eltima Software website

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