ReFS and Multi-disk Resiliency Failure

ReFS and Multi-disk Resiliency Failure

Learn how to enable multi-disk resiliency.

Q. I need resiliency from multiple disk failures. Will ReFS help?

A. ReFS is the new resilient file system introduced in Windows Server 2012. It protects most forms of corruption. However, it does not offer protection from complete disk failures. For protection from disk failures, you need to utilize a disk-resilient solution such as RAID configuration or Storage Spaces using one of the resiliency options (such as mirroring or parity). For protection from multiple disk failures, there are two options when using Storage Spaces:

  • A three-way mirror, which, as the name suggests, has three copies of the data providing protection from two disk failures
  • A parity space with at least seven disks in Windows Server 2012 or a dual-parity space in Windows Server 2012 R2
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