RedHat releases RedHat Linux 5.2

Thanks to Nathan Mercer for the tip: RedHat software has released the latest version of its Linux distribution, RedHat Linux 5.2. RedHat 5.2 includes a new simplified install program, Apache Web server 1.3, the GIMP 1.0 graphics application, and an Applications CD that includes a number of free Linux applications.

"The ease-of-use features of Red Hat Linux 5.2 coincide with the incredible support by industry leaders of the Linux development model. Right now, our momentum is absolutely contingent on our ability to best advance the technology according to the demands of the industry," said RedHat president and CEO Bob Young. "With Red Hat Linux 5.2, we are bringing to market an installation class that is the answer to enterprise-level demands."

RedHat Linux 5.2 can be downloaded for free from the RedHat FTP site or you can buy it in stores for $50. For more information, please visit RedHat on the Web

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