RedHat announces support from Intel, Netscape, Informix

In a major boost to the Linux community RedHat Software announced on Tuesday that Intel Corporation, Netscape Communications, and two venture capital firms will take equity stakes in the company. RedHat sells one of the most popular "distributions" of Linux, the freeware UNIX clone. On a related note, database developer Informix announced its intention to release its flagship Dynamic Server for Linux early next year and its development tools within a month.

"As the growing number of users demonstrates, the Linux operating system is ready for enterprise-wide applications," said Red Hat president Robert Young.

Intel also joined Linux International, a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing information about Linux. Intel plans to help make Linux more attractive to Internet Service Providers, which tend to favor UNIX operating systems over Windows NT.

"The overall Linux initiative complements work Intel is already doing with Microsoft, Sun and others to expand Intel-based server and networking offerings for ISPs," the company wrote in a release.

"The initiatives Intel is announcing today indicate the relationship between Intel and the Linux community is growing stronger," said Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. "Our combined efforts will enable the expansion of Linux OS performance and services that will drive more mainstream acceptance of Linux.

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