RealNetworks apologizes, issues patch for Real Jukebox

Stung by massive outcry over privacy violations, RealNetworks has apologized and issued a patch that prevents its Real Jukebox program from sending user information to the company over the Internet. The 67 Kb patch, which is now available, prevents Real Jukebox from sending personal data to RealNetworks, which had been using the data to build an aggregate database of information, which the company said it was using to better serve its customers. The company maintains that it never intended to violate anyone's privacy.

"We made a mistake in not being clear enough to our users about what kinds of data was being generated and transmitted by the use of Real Jukebox," said RealNetworks CEO Rob Glazer. "We respect and value the privacy of our users, and we deeply apologize for doing anything that suggests otherwise."

The patch will be integrated into the downloadable version of Real Jukebox so that future users will not need to separately apply and install it to remain secure.

For more information about the patch and the download, please visit the RealNetworks Web site

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