Q157668 Mystery solved: No more Choco-Banana Shake Hang!

In the interests of science, I must follow-up on a blurb that appeared in last week's Short Takes. First of all, thanks very much to the many people who wrote in with the answer to the mystery of Microsoft Knowledge Base article #Q157668, which has the rather humorous title of, "Kitchen: Selecting Blendolini Causes Choco-Banana Shake Hang." I mentioned last week that this KB article was missing from the Microsoft Support site, but it turns out that you can still access it if you're a bit more Net savvy than I (trust me, it's not hard). Here are two of the most popular solutions:

- If you're a TechNet subscriber, this service still has information about the Choco-Banana Shake Hang KB article. It's at least present in the June-September shipments.

- The excellent Google Web search apparently caches Web sites, so that they can be viewed after they're removed or changed. Navigate to the Google Web site and search for "Q157668" (no quotes).

For the morbidly curious, KB #Q157668 refers to a Dreamworks title for children called "Someone's in the Kitchen," which sounds like a 80's slasher flick, but hopefully isn't. According to the article, "Your computer may randomly stop responding (hang) in the Choco-Banana shake recipe if you wait more than 10 seconds to select the blender after you receive the 'Time to Blend' prompt. After adding the last ingredient to create the Choco-Banana shake, the Chef's Assistant prompts you to choose the blender. If you wait approximately 12-15.4 seconds before choosing the blender, the recipe stops responding." The solution, of course, is to exit the recipe if it hangs.

Once again, thanks to everyone that wrote in about this. I think I got more feedback on the Choco-Banana Shake Hang than I did on the Microsoft trial. :

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