Q: Will Windows 8 client include Hyper-V?

A: Yes. In a blog post, "Bringing Hyper-V to Windows 8," Microsoft confirmed that the client version of Windows 8 will have Hyper-V support.

That Hyper-V support includes the ability to access virtual machines (VMs) on file shares, support touch via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to the VMs, 32 vCPU and 512GB of RAM VMs, and Live Storage Move for a zero-downtime storage migration solution. Wireless networks will also be supported.

Additionally, unlike with Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V systems today, the ability to sleep and hibernate a Windows 8 client with Hyper-V will be supported by descheduling the virtual CPUs from the VMs, which will effectively suspend them during a host sleep operation. Then, when the host is resumed, the virtual CPUs are rescheduled to the VM, which restarts the VMs.

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