Q: How can I force an update of my Windows 8 or Windows RT environment?

A: You can force an update of your Windows 8 or Windows RT environment. Basically two sets of components are automatically updated on a Windows 8 or Windows RT installation:

  1. The core OS itself and components provided with the OS such as malware definition updates for Windows Defender and Office 2013 updates (which is part of Windows RT).
  2. Applications provided by the Windows Store.

You can force a check for both of the above components using the process below.

For the core OS:

  1. Open the Control Panel (Windows Key+C, then select Settings, then Control Panel from the desktop).
  2. Open the Windows Update control panel applet.
  3. Click Check for updates then install the updates if available.
  4. winupdatecore1sml
    Windows Update Screen

For the applications obtained from the Windows Store:

  1. Open the Windows Store.
  2. Open the Settings (Windows Key+C, then select Settings or just swipe from the right side of the screen);  select App updates.
    Windows Store Updates
  3. Click Check for updates.
  4. If any updates are found, select Install.
Windows Store Update Screen Dialog

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