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Product Brief: Flexera AdminStudio Suite 10

Flexera's AdminStudio is an application management, reporting, and migrating suite. One current focus at Flexera is AdminStudio's ability to help with Windows 7 migrations. In addition to the features you might expect, providing faster, easier migrations, AdminStudio gives you a central, unified application catalog for your company. It can help you estimate how much migration's going to cost and how long it'll take. The suite can automatically assess all of your applications to see what it'll take to migrate them, and it automatically finds and fixes incompatibilities.

It works with Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), too. It can validate and conflict test App-V packages, and it can also directly edit these packages, saving you time and effort.

Flexera's rep told me that one big advantage of AdminStudio over its competitors is that it's licensed perpetually and per admin—not by machine, or server, or anything like that. Because of this model, the product is used in companies with just a few hundred machines and in huge companies. See the Flexera site for more information.



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