Prepare for Windows 8.1 with Newly Released Readiness Toolkit

Prepare for Windows 8.1 with Newly Released Readiness Toolkit

Microsoft is hoping that Update 1 for Windows 8.1 will be a smashing success and bring more users into modern day computing the way they've outlined it. Releasing through Windows Update on April 8th (Patch Tuesday), Update 1 brings better options for normal computer users through new right-click menus, resurfaced taskbars, and more mouse actions. The way it should have been in the first place. Microsoft is positive that the changes will make a difference.

Many companies took the plunge in testing Windows 8 when first released and were turned off by the fact that Microsoft provided almost no business value in the new OS. Windows 8.1 released, and it got better. Now, with Windows 8.1 Update 1 companies are back to taking a wait-and-see attitude. Microsoft is counting on the update to convert wary users into Windows 8 customers.

To help with a potential transition to Windows 8, Microsoft has now released the Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit that provides in-house evangelization, training, and marketing collateral. Targeted directly toward businesses, the toolkit can turn any IT Pro into a full-fledged Microsoft marketing consultant.

The kit provides: a user roadmap, user tip sheet, email template library, posters and flyers, trainer toolkit (slide decks and scripts), and business user training videos.

Download the toolkit: Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit

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