Popular Kathy Ivens' Tip Is Now a Screencast

A reader liked Kathy's recent Microsoft Word tip so much that he made a screencast about it

Longtime Windows IT Pro contributor Kathy Ivens has received lots of positive feedback from readers on her recent Microsoft Word tip, posted April 17 in her What Users Need to Know column. One especially grateful reader, John, created his own screencast of the tip. Here's what John wrote to Kathy:

"I liked your tip on how to move things in Word so much that I recorded and posted it at uTipu. I am sure my narration is not as good as yours. So please feel free to record one there yourself--I will then take off mine. I think when people actually visually see how easy it is to move things, they will truly appreciate your tip.  Please feel free to forward the link to others because nobody should have to go through the pain of cut/paste things around in a Word document."

Check out John's screencast here. And if you're inspired to do a little screencasting or video yourself on a topic of interest to your Windows IT pro peers, email me the file (.wmv only, please) or the link. If I like your screencast or video, I'll post it on our new video site, ITTV, which launches on May 1. Look for an official announcement and link to ITTV on windowsitpro.com in a couple of weeks.

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