Pentium II corrections

Thanks to Fabian Nappenbach and Drasko Markovic for bringing some interesting comments to my attention. In yesterday's WinInfo, I described the Pentium II cache as running at the speed of the bus, but in fact it runs at half the speed of the CPU, which is still only half as fast as the cache in a Pentium Pro. Interestingly, the next Pentium II, code-named "Deschutes," will increase the speed of the L2 cache and increase its capacity to match the Pentium Pro. Additionally, the Deschutes version of the PII will be available in 333MHz and 400MHz versions by 1998.

One excellent hardware site that everyone needs to check out, especially anyone who is in the market for a new PC, is "Tom's Hardware Guide". This page is the definitive source of information about Intel's latest CPU's, motherboard chipsets, and other hardware. I was basing many of yesterday's comments about the Pentium II around an article I had read there some time ago, stating that pre-production PII chips were vastly inferior to comparable Pentium Pros. Apparently, this is not the case with the shipping version: in Tom's tests, the Pentium II 233-, 266-, and 300MHz versions all bested the Pentium Pro 200

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