Off to PC Expo...

I'm heading off to the Big Apple tonight for PC Expo, sort of an East Coast version of Fall Comdex. This trip marks my return to the summer's biggest computer show, as I missed last year's show due to the birth of my son Mark. Unlike previous shows, however, I'll be skipping out on the boring keynotes (Mark Andreessen and Microsoft's Bob Herbold? Please) which don't promise anything particularly exciting this time around. Instead, Keith Furman and I will be focusing on the events on the show floor. If you're going to the show, keep a look out for us: We'll be the guys with the "I AM" signs. :)

As far as the schedule goes for WinInfo this week, I hope to be publishing Monday and Tuesday as usual, though Wednesday is up in the air because of my travel arrangements. After that, we'll be back to a normal schedule.

Another side effect of this trip is my email: I had intended to get to all my unread email before I left, but this hasn't happened. If you're waiting for a reply, I apologize and will try and get back to everyone as quickly as possible when I get back. During my time in New York, I will have sporadic email access, so I will try to get to any pressing issues as they come up.

See you in New York! (This requires the Flash plug-in)


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