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Partnership to Provide Companies with Data and Reports on Their Environmental Impact

AMEE and EQ2 announced they'll be partnering to help companies accurately determine and disclose their impact on the environment. AMEE—the provider of an independent web services platform, which is also called AMEE (short for Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine)—will collect, aggregate, and store CO2 (aka greenhouse gas—GHG) data. EQ2—a sustainability consulting firm—will analyze the GHG data stored in AMEE's database and provide auditable environmental quality reports.

"Companies need to base their operational decisions, disclosure reporting, and investment proposals on accurate environmental metrics rather than estimates that are likely to cloud, confuse, or mislead," said Steve Burt, CEO of EQ2. "AMEE provides the platform for 'getting it right.' EQ2s passion for accurate corporate disclosure and reporting provides all stakeholders with complete assurance that an organization has properly analyzed its GHG emissions and impacts."

Similar to a Dun & Bradstreet credit report, the EQ2 environmental quality report will provide a company information about its GHG emissions and impacts. The reports will quantify and monetize GHG emissions and impacts to provide an accurate environmental profile based on GHG Protocol Scopes 1, 2, and 3 and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) financial reporting standards. Companies can use this information to make financially sound sustainability decisions.

To gather the GHG data needed for an environmental quality report, companies can use the web-based AMEE platform, which includes carbon measurement, tracking, calculation, profiling, and transactional systems. Companies can manually enter data about their consumption of resources (e.g., electricity, fuel, water, products) through a web application or have the data automatically captured with IP networked devices (e.g., smart meters). AMEE's algorithmic engine converts the consumption data into CO2 emissions and stores the information in a database. AMEE supports the real-time display of CO2 emissions and analytic methods to compare modeled versus actual performance.

Many governments (e.g., Irish government, UK government) and companies (e.g., Google, Sun Microsystems, PricewaterhouseCoopers) already use the AMEE platform. For example, to promote awareness and understanding of energy use and carbon emissions in an entertaining way, PricewaterhouseCoopers used AMEE to create an application, Carbon Bigfoot by PwC, that people can download for free. With this application, people can calculate their carbon footprint based on three metrics: shelter, commuting, and devices.

For more information about the AMEE platform, go to the AMEE website. For more information about the environmental quality reports, go to the EQ2 website.

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