Partners stand up for Microsoft

With the DOJ accusing Microsoft of anti-competitive practices and violating its 1995 consent decree, a group of Microsoft's business partners have vouched for the company and its integration of Windows 95 and Internet Explorer. Two weeks ago, the DOJ released a complaint that included sworn testimonies from officials at Compaq, Gateway, and Micron to convince a federal court that Microsoft bullies its partners.

This week, Microsoft responded to this with ten sworn testimonials of its own, all made by Microsoft partners supporting the company. Officials from Compaq, Spyglass, Rational Software, Packard Bell, NEC, and others stood up for the software giant, saying that integrating IE with Windows was a benefit to customers and partners alike.

"The presence of Internet Explorer does not have any effect on the operation of Netscape Navigator," said Mal Ransom, a senior VP at Packard Bell. "Whether or not we license and install Navigator, therefore, is a decision we base on whether we perceive sufficient customer demand."

"The fact that the Internet Explorer technology in Windows 95 includes a Web browser would not diminish our willingness also to install a different Web browser, such as Netscape Navigator, if we believed there was sufficient customer demand for it," said John T. Rose, senior VP and group general manager of enterprise computing at Compaq.

I'm sure those guys didn't have a gun pointed at their heads

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