Palm Preps Palm OS 5

In an attempt to better compete with its Pocket PC rivals, Palm issued a 2002/2003 game plan that includes two major OS updates and a slew of new features that will seem strangely familiar to Pocket PC owners. Later this year, the company will release Palm OS 5, which will offer pseudo-binary compatibility with existing full-fledged Palm 4.x applications—but won't run most current, popular third-party utilities, which will need to be updated. Palm OS 5 will feature video capabilities, data encryption, higher screen resolutions, and wireless features. In 2003, the company plans to release Palm OS 6, which will likely cure cancer, offer teleportation services, and determine who gets into heaven. I'm sure, however, that the Pocket PC will have offered those features for months by the time Palm OS 6 ships.

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