Outlook 97 Internet Mail Enhancement Patch preview now available

Prodded by customers, Microsoft has finally released a preview of the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch (IMEP) for Outlook 97. The IMEP adds the following features to the deservedly-maligned Outlook 97:

  • Support for multiple POP3 accounts in one profile.
  • Improved support for storing messages on POP3 servers.
  • Standard reply-ticking with "|" or ">" characters.
  • Improved interoperability with other MIME e-mail products. Specifically, improving MIME support so that other products do not show an "=" at the end of every line, or do not show the entire message as a single line.
  • Correct icons in the message view list for messages that you have read.
  • Remove erroneous sending of Winmail.dat attachment.
  • Optional Organization and Reply To fields in the outgoing message header.
  • Support for Secure Password Authentication, used by some mail servers instead of a POP3 account name and password
It also fixes these bugs:
  • Incorrect Received times for some time zones and some ISPs.
  • Leakage of rich-text formatting in replies to messages with Reply To addresses in the headers (related to the Winmail.dat problem noted above).
  • Inability to retrieve messages that with a blank name in the "To" field.
  • Sending of BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) information in the headers of messages delivered through some ISPs.
You can download the IMEP now from the Nexus (524K).

To install, simply run the outlimep.exe file (close Outlook 97 first if it is still running). Then use Control Panel->Mail and Fax to configure the Internet E-mail service (note the name change) in your profile. For more details, see the directions on Sue Mosher's excellent Slipstick Systems Exchange Center Web site.

Want more information?
Internet Mail Enhancement Patch for Microsoft Outlook 97

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