Oracle posts record earnings

Oracle Corporation, makers of the popular Oracle 8 database, posted record profits in its second quarter ending November 30. The company saw revenues increase 27% to $2.1 billion, up from $1.6 billion in the same quarter the year before. Net income rose 46% to $274 million, up from $187 million. Oracle has made over $8 million from its database and applications business this year.

"Our database revenue growth accelerated as Oracle has become the database of choice for Internet commerce,'' said chairman and CEO Larry Ellison. "Nine of the top ten business-to-business e-commerce web sites use the Oracle database. Ten of the top ten consumer e-commerce web sites use the Oracle database. Virtually every big web site in the world uses Oracle because of Oracle's ability to handle large numbers of users and huge amounts of data reliably, securely and economically."

Oracle also launched its latest product, Oracle 8i, this quarter, which become available this month. Oracle 8i will run on all major UNIX platforms and Windows NT, and be available in a version that runs right on a server without an operating system. For more information about Oracle and its products, please visit the Oracle Web site

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