OpenSpan Platform 4.1 improves Lotus support

The new version of the platform also enhances Microsoft Access and Oracle Forms support

In addition to expanding its support, OpenSpan Platform 4.1 also adds functions like tool tips, which might be used to alert a customer service representative that the customer is a gold customer, or help users new to integrated applications understand a process. By enhancing the adapters used for different applications, OpenSpan increases the options for users of its platform.

OpenSpan Platform, according to the company, essentially creates an API that can apply to any existing application. You can use it, for example, to inject the output from an old application into a database. To learn more about the platform, check out this article and this article for more information, or visit the OpenSpan site.

One interesting possibility offered by OpenSpan's application integration is the ability to bring existing applications into the much-ballyhooed cloud. OpenSpan can pull information from your legacy applications and put it into modern cloud-enable applications.

OpenSpan Platform 4.1 is set to be released in June. Pricing for the new version will stay the same as the previous version.

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