An Open API Sets WildPackets Apart

"More and more applications on the network are data-intensive," said WildPackets' VP of Marketing John Bennett. "There's still a need for network engineers who can go from desk to desk and help with individual problems, but we're seeing that network engineers are focusing more and more on application problems." The solution to this evolving environment is a central, automated product that gives network engineers real-time visibility into every part of the network, simultaneously from a single interface (including Gigabit, 10GbE, 10/100, 802.11 wireless, VoIP, and WAN links to remote offices).


In our recent conversation with Bennett, he spoke about his company's new OmniAnalysis platform, which provides local capture capabilities, a centralized console, distributed engines, and expert analysis. Engineers can rapidly troubleshoot faults and fix problems, restoring essential services and maximizing network uptime and user satisfaction. Of all network analyzers and consoles available today, only OmniPeek enables network engineers to monitor multiple parts of the network simultaneously and independently--an important capability when engineers know there’s a problem but not where it is.


Importantly, OmniAlysis boasts an open API. "WildPackets recognizes that every network is different," Bennett said. "With an open API, people can write custom code or add-ons to customize the product to their specific environment." You can check out the WildPackets Developer Network for a lively community of product users.


New to OmniAnalysis 4.1 is Vista support, an reporting service, and 802.11n support.

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