OneNote for Windows 8.1 Updated For OneDrive

OneNote for Windows 8.1 Updated For OneDrive

Another steps towards One Microsoft

Microsoft on Friday issued a minor update to its OneNote Modern app for Windows 8.1 (and Windows RT 8.1) that adds support for OneDrive and a few other minor changes. The update is part of this week's rolling switchover from SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Microsoft went live with OneDrive on Wednesday and then followed that up with the Office Online and OneDrive app for Windows Phone 8.1 releases a day later. Over time, of course, any and every Microsoft product or service that accesses OneDrive will need to be updated to address the new branding.

And that's where today's update to the former OneNote MX (for "Modern eXperience") comes in. Nothing major, per se, but Microsoft, ahem, notes the following changes:

OneDrive support. This one is pretty seamless. As before, you can only sign in to a single OneDrive account.

Larger handwriting support. With inking and rule line improvements.

Recent Notes view. Quicker, easier access to the locations of your notes.

Read your notes. You can use the Windows 8.1 screen reader, called Narrator, to read your notes.

I'm kind of taking these on faith. I don't really see most of this stuff in the app, aside from the OneNote branding in Settings.

You can get the free OneNote for Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store.

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