Office 97 SR2 details emerge

This one arrives courtesy of the excellent Woody's Office Watch (you have subscribed to WOW already right?) which provided some interesting news this week about Service Release 2 for Office 97. It seems that Microsoft's blunders with SR1 have been addressed in SR2 and the company is attempting to make good on that mistake. Office 97 SR2 will include a variety of post-SR1 bug-fixes, including various Excel 97 calculation bugs, addition of the Euro currency symbol support and final Year 2K compliance.

Thankfully, SR2 will be available from the Web or via CD, as the package comes in at a hefty 26 MB if you want to download it. The Web version will be a complete patch for Office, though it does require that SR1 be installed first. If you order the free CD (this will require that you've registered Office 97 previously), you'll get a full Office 97 SR2 CD which will completely replace your existing Office 97 CD. To install this CD, you will have to uninstall Office 97 first. The "Web patch" version will also be available via CD, though it will only include the patch files you would get if you downloaded SR2 via the Web.

Currently, there is no release date for Office 97 SR2, but we're expecting to see it before the end of the summer. As WOW mentions, the first service release was such a disaster that Microsoft wants to get this one right before unleashing it on the public

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