Office 97 Service Release 2 now available!

Thanks to Scott Schnoll and Jonathan Holmes for the tip: Service Release 2 for Microsoft Office 97 is now available in the form of a 23.5 MB download. Office 97 SR-2 is a collection of all the latest bug fixes for Office, such as the Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows Auto-Recalculation Patch. Microsoft recommends that all users of Office 97 upgrade to SR-2.

There are, as always, some caveats. SR-2 requires that you first install SR-1, which is itself a 7 MB download. If you find the thought of that much downloading a little intimidating, Microsoft is offering a free CD with Office 97 SR-1 and SR-2 to registered Office users.

For more information on the SR-2 release for Office 97, please refer to the Service Release 2 Web site

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