Office 2000 will be cheaper than Office 97

Add the notion that Office 2000 will be more expensive than Office 97 to the "urban myth" category. When Microsoft announced its pricing for Office 2000 earlier this week, I got a bunch of nervous email from people complaining that the cost seemed excessive. Actually, Microsoft didn't raise prices over Office 97 at all and, it became apparent today, it will actually be cheaper to upgrade than it was when Office 97 appeared.

For example, the most popular version of Office is Professional, which adds the Access database. Normally, the upgrade for Professional is $350, but Microsoft will be charging $310. The upgrade price for the Standard Edition will likewise be lowered from $250 to $210. And so it goes: The upgrade for each edition of the suite is about $40 less than the comparable upgrade was two years ago.

So take heart, people. There's a great new Office suite coming out next quarter and it's going to be cheaper than ever to purchase

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