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Numerous Security Flaws in Web Browsers Remain Unpatched

Dozens of security-related problems remain unpatched in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera Web browsers. According to security solution provider Secunia who tracks vulnerabilities in over 4000 products, some of the unpatched browser vulnerabilities are considered to be either moderately or highly critical.

Secunia's reports show they're currently tracking 63 advisories for Internet Explorer 6 . Of those advisories, 41 of the problems have been either corrected or partially corrected by patches from Microsoft. One of the problems is correctable with workarounds.  The remaining 21 security problems remain unpatched, the oldest of which was reported in March of 2003.

The reports show that of the 8 advisories tracked for Firefox , 6 of the problems remain unpatched while the remaining 2 have either been completely or partially corrected with patches from the Mozilla Foundation.  The oldest unpatched vulnerability in Firefox is dated August 2004.

Secunia currently tracks 33 advisories for Opera 7.x, where 30 of those problems have been corrected by patches from Opera Software. The remaining 3 problems, the oldest of which is dated October 2004, remain unpatched.

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