NORTHERN Releases Quota Server 5.3

NORTHERN announced Quota Server 5.3, the latest version of its enterprise storage management solution. The new release features optional SNMP support, which sends warning messages or notifications (in the form of SNMP traps) when important events occur. Systems administrators can now monitor their storage resources from management systems such as Tivoli, Computer Associates (CA) UniCenter, and Hewlett-Packard (HP) OpenView.

Quota Server 5.3 lets systems administrators set storage quotas on disk objects such as directories, files, and individual user accounts. In addition, administrators can apply file-blocking quotas to remove entire file types from their systems. When a user exceeds a quota, an alert prompts the software for a specified response. Full cluster support lets administrators set and monitor user-based quotas, creating a coherent storage-management framework in clustered environments. A range of reporting options provides process views. Quota Server 5.3 is shipping now through retail channels.

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